Latest SIV Newsletter June 2014

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Australian Investment Managers Directory

The 76-page hard-copy directory profiles 209 Australian firms that control $279 billion. All are independently owned (in full or in part) long-only managers, or are hedge funds or alternatives managers. PE and RE fund managers are excluded.

If you wish to purchase this directory please send us an email for more information, or visit our directory pages within this site.

2nd Annual Significant Investor Visa Conference

The 2nd annual Significant Investor Visa conference was held on the 3rd of July at the Hilton Hotel, Grand Ballroom, Sydney.

The conference discussed the mission-critical topics central to the success of SIV, and provided a platform for investors/their advisors/compradors, investment providers/SMEs and service providers to network.

Interest in our SIV initiatives (including our latest newsletter here) has been strong, especially with the SIV programme gaining momentum. The magnitude for SIV opportunities can be seen in the $650 million in fees (immigration/legal fees alone) paid by 65,000 applicants to Canada's SIV equivalent.

And we are seeing the rise of the Australia comprador, (a reversal of history) in connecting Chinese UHNW to Australian investment opportunities.

We also note that SIV service providers and non-competing SIV product providers are becoming strong referral agents for participants in the SIV industry. The power of networking and the establishment of referral marketing channels is very evident in this new SIV industry.

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Basis Point's Significant Investor Visa (SIV) Newsletter

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Highlights this month:

  • Insights into China’s HNW industry this month includes luxury consumption trends in China (post corruption crackdown), plus news on demand for private jets, luxury yachts, racehorses, golf resorts, & luxury cars.
  • 255 SIVs have been granted (as at 31 May 2014) with 40 approvals per month over the past two months. There are 1446 expressions of interest, with 928 applications awaiting approval.
  • The number of US dollar millionaires in China jumped by a huge 82% last year.
  • Alibaba, China’s e-commerce giant, is opening doors for premium agri-business produce to be sold directly to China’s HNW market.
  • Opportunities in the liberalization of China’s financial markets for Australian firms.
  • News on global investment visa programmes, agri-business, Chinese philanthropy and property/casino developments.

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