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Significant Investor Visa (SIV)

Austrade's new SIV complying investment policies requires at least $2 million invested in SmallCap and VC funds. This policy change will provide significant opportunities for fund managers as well as fresh capital for start-ups and small ASX listed companies.

China's rapidly growing domestic VC, stock market, and financial services industry also provides... Read More

Aus-China Property, Agri & Tourism developments

China's rise as a global provider of capital is being felt across Australia's property, agri-business and tourism industries.

We see four key themes developing;

Capital. Chinese capital is entering Australia on the supply side (e.g. property development, hotel development) and demand side (investors in resi property as well as investors in hard assets).
How significant is... Read More

Funds/ SMSFs /Family Offices & Private Investment Offices

China is now a major disrupter in Australian investment markets due to Chinese capital inflows. Disruption creates both danger and opportunities for Australian investors and Australian asset & company valuations.

Basis Point provides insights and networking opportunities between Chinese capital and 'private' investment pools in Australia including those managed by;

Independent boutique... Read More

Our newsletter remit is to explore the following themes:
  • The growth and power China's ultra-HNW is greater than the late-1800s US 'robber barons' and the UK taipans & industrialists of the mid-1800s
  • However, the angst generated is similar (for their ruthlessness, power, & moral ambiguity, whether real or perceived), until time and philanthropy turns them into 'high-society.'
  • China's HNW will become stronger global forces as the 'China Dream' eventuates. Their money will influence asset values and popular culture in the West
  • Volatility is part of this disruption. The US suffered its Great Depression during its rapid global ascendency in the 1900s
  • China's 1-party rule AND the acceleration of technology voids comparisons to the rise of the 'democratic West' in the 1800s and 1900s. We are in uncharted waters when analysing China's rise
  • China's society and economy is changing rapidly. The anti-corruption & anti-extravagance crackdown, the move towards mass entrepreneurship & innovation, the focus on a consumption-led economy, and the reformation of Chinese societal values makes for interesting times.
We search the globe to produce insights on 'China disruption'.

Our challenge, as collators and synthesisers of information from multiple sources, are:

  • Information overload on China is increasing. What to include & what to leave out?
  • Biased reporting (either pro or anti -China) needs to be reassessed
  • Stories that depict extreme examples as the norm needs to be recalibrated
  • Popular media often write emotive & passionate stories to evoke stronger reader responses (to increase readership and revenues), sometimes at the expense of accuracy. We remove the emotion and add insights so that the information is useful rather than passionate (making for dull reading…so our apologies in advance)

We look forward to staying in touch and informing you via our complimentary newsletters of the opportunities from the 'China disruption' investment theme.

3rd Annual SIV Conference

Our 3rd Annual SIV conference on 22 July 2015 Sydney will be Australia's largest gathering in the SIV industry.

A major re-boot of the SIV program is creating opportunities for Chinese HNW investors, Australia's small cap and VC funds, & their underlying investee companies.

Basis Point has attracted over 1800 delegates to its recent SIV and China-related events.

Our July 22nd SIV conference promises to be our largest yet, and will;

  • Uncover opportunities and threats from the new SIV investment policies
  • Present our research on Australia's SmallCap and VC industry
  • Foster networking for 300-400 industry participants
  • Reveal insights...
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