In today’s tense geopolitical world, Chinese businesses and Australian ‘compradors’ are reassessing their ‘social license to operate’ (SLO).

A SLO is the public’s acceptance of the operating practices of a business. It’s not a regulatory requirement but an ethical one.

Its beating heart is based on legitimacy, trust and credibility.

And this heart is shaped by giving back to the community and a civic spirit…in a word, philanthropy.

I am pleased to announce an event where I will be interviewing Samuel B. Hordern, a seventh generation descendent of the prominent Hordern family, on the family’s philanthropic work.

This event, organised by BasisPoint in association with Deloitte, will also explore the current status of China’s SLO and the role of philanthropy, “the love of humanity” (as distinct from charity), in shaping its beating heart.

To be discussed:

  1. The nature of philanthropy vs charity. History and culture in the East and West
  2. Chinese SLO in Australia – current assessment and outlook
  3. Defining charitable work/ identifying philanthropic causes
  4. Impact investment – objective, impact on society, return on investment
  5. Does philanthropy earn you a ‘Social license’
  6. Risks in politicising philanthropy
  7. Benchmarking the effectiveness of your SLO, philanthropy and impact investing
  8. Tax and other issues when establishing a charitable foundation
  9. To give is to receive. Legacy, love and life.

Fri 8 Nov, 9am to 12pm, Sydney. Please click here for speaker details and early-bird registration