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Investing in an age of superpower rivalries: asset allocation in volatile times

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About Basis Point

Basis Point (founded in 1996 by David Chin) provides business intelligence and networking opportunities for participants in the investment & financial markets in Australia & Asia.

Our clients and sponsors include exchanges in Europe, the US and Asia, prime brokers, private banks, fund trustees & administrators, fund managers, hedge funds, and legal & accountancy firms.

They use a combination of our bespoke intelligence reports, directories and targeted networking events to better connect with their clients in order to capture business opportunities.

We cover three areas which are increasingly inter-related due to ‘China’s disruption’ as a major supplier of capital in global markets, and as a major trading partner with Australia.

These three areas are:

  • Significant Investor Visa (SIV) investments and China’s HNW private investments in Australia
  • The growing Australia-China property, agri and tourism development opportunities
  • Funds and private capital sources including hedge funds, SMSFs, boutique funds, VC funds, proprietary trading /derivatives and Family Offices, especially with an Australia-China and Australia-Asia connection


To book David Chin as a speaker for your upcoming event, please send us an email via our contact page.

David Chin is an authority on Aus-China investments. See below for more information.

David Chin
Managing Director / Basis Point

About the Founder – David Chin

David Chin, Managing Director, BasisPoint (established 1996) is a China Futurist on business, investment, financial, technology, cultural and geopolitical issues.


He bridges the gap between the West & China in diverse industries and has several non-executive director and advisory board roles.

He was previously Head of Marketing at Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) from 1990-1996, reporting to the CEO, and is the author of Thy Fiefdom Comes, a fantasy/science fiction novel.

David has become an authority on Aus-China investments, speaking at dozens of events to C-level and managerial executives who seek unique insights on the opportunities and risks of the Aus-China market.

He is widely quoted in the media and writes an Aus-China newsletter that is distributed to more than 13,000 executives in Australia, Asia and globally.

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Past & Present Sponsors

One Investment Group
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Past & Present Clients

NYSE Liffe

London headquartered futures exchange which is now owned by ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) and which includes the New York Stock Exchange as part of the group). Provision of intelligence on the Asia Pacific derivatives and futures industry from 1997 to 2013.

Options Industry Council

Chicago headquartered entity tasked with promoting the use of equity options on behalf of the major US options exchanges). Provision of intelligence on the Asia Pacific high-net-worth and investor/trader market in equities and equity options, since 2002.


United Nations Conference on Trade and Development). Consultant for UNCTAD and the Forward Markets Commission, (Government of India) on the development of India’s commodity futures industry.

Australian Trade Commission (AUSTRADE) Government of Australia

Author of several reports including; Hedge Funds Industry Report; Investment Management Industry Report; Alternative Investments Report

Malaysian Monetary Exchange

Now part of Bursa Malaysia. Consultant on the development of futures contracts.

London based FOW and New York based MARHedge

Units of MetalBulletin Plc since sold to Euromoney Plc. Provision of Asia Pacific news & insights.