Aus-China Property | Agri & Tourism Developments

China’s rise as a global provider of capital is being felt across Australia’s property, agri-business and tourism industries.

We see four key themes developing


Chinese capital is entering Australia on the supply side (e.g. property development, hotel development) and demand side (investors in resi property as well as investors in hard assets).

How significant is this capital flow, how long will it last, what could change this flow and how can Australian developers connect with Chinese capital sources?

Competition & Cooperation

Chinese developers and investors are new competitors for hard assets. At the same time, many are seeking to harness Australian expertise to boost the value of Australian assets as well as to provide specialist expertise (e.g. dairy farm and beef cattle operational technology) for adoption in China.

Meanwhile, Australian developers and owners of agri and tourism assets are seeking Chinese sources of capital as well as sales/distribution channels. What are the challenges and opportunities for Chinese and Australian developers/owners to compete or cooperate?


While there is much Chinese development in the pipeline, few have yet reached completion. What are the regulatory, operational and cost challenges facing Chinese developers and agri/tourism assets, not only in completing their projects, but in building their reputation as leading developers in Australia?


Australian developers and asset owners have a high (and sometimes controversial) profile in the community and media.

Increasingly Chinese developers and asset owners, ranging from new/small developers to multi-billion dollar property groups, will also have high profiles, particularly as their end products are homes in which Australians will live or suppliers of agri-produce and tourism services. What are the community issues facing Chinese developers and asset owners as they build their brand in Australia?

Recent Event:

Aus-China Property Developers Conference | Hilton Grand Ballroom Sydney

We recently organised Australia’s first Aus-China Property Developers conference to explore the themes above, attracting 330 C-level and senior executives.

The event was seen as ground breaking – dispelling myths and misconceptions of Chinese developers, and highlighting their planned involvement in Australia’s property industry.

Most panellists (including Chinese developers, Australian property experts, Councillors, and institutional investors) emphasised the need for local knowledge and expert advice to navigate Australia’s complex development pathways.

Delegates were approximately a third Chinese and Australian developers & builders; a third financiers, investors, and deal-spotters; and a third industry service providers.

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