The latest philanthropic endeavour by our guest speaker, Samuel B Hordern, will be discussed my next Aus-China event on 8 November.

Sam is a 7th generation descendent of the Hordern family. He is also a film maker involved in the Aus-China film sector, fostering industry to industry relationships between the two countries.

Via Sam, the Hordern family is funding a solo expedition to Antarctica next month, and comes a century after the family’s support of the famous Mawson polar expedition. 

Details in a Sydney Morning Herald report can be found here.

Sam will be interviewed at our Aus-China philanthropy and SLO (social licence to operate) event, organised by BasisPoint in association with Deloitte. 

A SLO is the public’s acceptance of the operating practices of a business. It’s not a regulatory requirement but an ethical one.

Its beating heart is based on legitimacy, trust and credibility.

And this heart is shaped by giving back to the community and a civic spirit…in a word, philanthropy.

With global geopolitics now influencing the Aus-China thirty-year-old economic relationship, the SLO becomes a bigger fulcrum in the balancing act between the two nations.

Economics and geopolitics will also be discussed at my Investing in an age of Superpower Rivalries event on 15 November, organised by BasisPoint in association with Deloitte.

I hope to see you at one or both of these events.