Black swans, gray rhinos, FANGS and financial crocodiles. It’s a zoo out there but where’s the volatility?

I’ve organised a special seminar to discuss why market volatility has gone, if/when it will come back, and how to invest under these market conditions.

China is currently hyperventilating about its huge internal financial risks (especially from ‘gray rhinos’ and ‘financial crocodiles’)* the China-India and North Korea-USA stand-off could go ballistic if a ‘black swan’ event took place to escalate tensions, Trump has increased geopolitical risk, central banks are lifting interest rates, most global asset markets are near record valuations, FANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google…via Alphabet) and other tech stocks are revolutionising business models..and yet, net volatility is near record lows.

*(google ‘gray rhinos’ and ‘financial crocodiles’ and you will see that the Chinese authorities have used these terms to warn of the risks to their financial markets)

Our three speakers are experienced money managers who rely on applied mathematics and quantum physics in their assessment of the markets, so they have unique insights.

They include a Russian-American running a New York alternative investment fund, a Sydney based hedge fund manager specialising in volatility, and the co-founder of one of Australia’s most successful securities trading firms, who is now also a fin-tech and sports-tech investor.

The event is sponsored by Pitcher Partners and One Investment Group. Pitcher Partners is an accounting, auditing and business advisory firm with a wealth of asset management clients, while One Investment Group is Australia’s leading provider of RE, trustee, custody, registry and other fund services.

The 2 hour event is in Sydney, Friday 25 August with a buffet lunch and panel discussion. There is no cost for qualified wholesale & institutional investors, AFSL-licensed advisors/wealth managers. Mere mortals pay $45 plus GST.

Details at

Meanwhile, I will soon announce the first batch of speakers and sponsors of my inaugural Aus/NZ-China Film Investment Conference (Doltone House, Sydney Sept 4th). China is a game-changer in global entertainment and Australia can take advantage, –including Australian film makers, and ‘corporate Australia’ in agri, tourism, education, property, & brand-focussed manufacturers wanting to reach the massive Chinese consumer market. For investors, film investment offers a non-correlated investment opportunity that has been made more attractive due to China’s growing box office.

Finally, I aim to produce an analysis of the residential property market from a Chinese investor’s perspective, shortly. It’s a constantly changing dynamic particularly stemming from the Chinese side due to credit deleveraging, capital controls, & political change towards Oct/Nov this year.