Is it time for Chinese and Australian investors to invest in Western Australia?

I’ve been asking myself this question recently. To invest when few are interested. When WA news is glum instead of glam. It’s about buying straw hats in winter.

Chinese investment has strengthened the Eastern States economies over the past 5 years.

While WA’s economy has languished in the same period… a sharp contrast to the mining boom of the late 2000s/early 2010s.

But is it time to switch from East to West?

I believe so, and have organised a seminar to explore opportunities for WA businesses and asset holders stemming from the outlook for Chinese investment into Australia and specifically into WA.

  1. What are the key factors attracting Chinese investment and do these factors now exist in WA?
  2. What are the lessons from the Eastern States in managing Chinese investment inflows?
  3. How will WA’s economy and society be affected?
  4. How will China’s Belt and Road strategy benefit WA?
  5. What is the outlook for China’s outbound investment and consumption flows from the corporate, high-net-worth and mass-consumer market, particularly as President Xi further shapes China under his leadership?
  6. What is the outlook for WA property, mining, agribusiness, tourism and education services, based on Chinese investors, consumers and technology as catalysts?
  7. How will a better understanding of China’s investment and consumption psyche help attract investments and manage outcomes?

This will be my first WA lunch-seminar, sponsored by Clayton Utz and HLB Mann Judd. Wednesday 4th October 12pm to 2:15pm, Perth WA. Please click here for registration details.

Having grown up in WA but based in Sydney since 1986, I look forward to sharing my transformational research and actionable-advice about the East and the West.

This seminar will be my 25th event in the Aus-China investment space, attracting more than 3,400 delegates and 46 sponsors during the ‘boom years on the East Coast.

Is it now time for WA?

In addition, I will be organising events for WA investment opportunities to be showcased in Sydney and Melbourne. (details to come).

Finally, my 3rd annual Aus-China Property Developers and Investors event will be held on 20 November in Sydney 12 to 2.30pm at Doltone House. Please save the date. Speakers and sponsors will be announced in due course.

West Australia Opportunities Seminar