In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

So four investment eyes must be spectacular in an age of China-US tensions.

I am pleased to assemble a unique panel of speakers at a Sydney event on 15 November, organised in association with Deloitte, to discuss investing in an age of:

  1. superpower rivalries and China’s rise
  2. zero/negative interest rates, record low bonds
  3. record debt and leverage by governments, corporations and individuals
  4. global energy, water and food supply/price dislocations
  5. see 7 more factors here

Speakers are Mohamed Hage, Danny Bhandari, Benjamin Chong and myself.

  1. Mohamed is the head of research at CPG Advisory – an independent asset consultant with $10 billion under advice from institutional and wholesale investors.
  2. Danny is the founder of A3D Capital and is a co-founder of Tibra Capital, a derivatives trading and market-making firm.  He is in the AFR Young Rich List (2017 -$40m).
  3. Benjamin is the co-founder of Right Click Capital, a VC fund with a focus on tech investments.
  4. David Chin is the Managing Director of BasisPoint, and a ‘China Futurist’ eying opportunities and risks in the China-Australia corridor.

Click here for registration details including early-bird pricing.

One of the key factors is more rapid technology adoption, spurred on by superpower rivalry.

My driverless car event (28 Oct: click here for details) will provide examples, while this article by Deloitte on how the car parking industry could be impacted by driverless cars is another.  Early bird pricing will end soon.