The impact of Chinese wealth on Australia will be a focus at my Crazy Rich in a Trumpian World seminar, sponsored by Deloitte, 12 March in Melbourne.


Discussion points from my co-speaker, Tim Cheung, co-founder of a China focussed hedge fund, and myself, will include:


  1. Reading the tea leaves: how to analyse Chinese trends, opportunities and threats in an age of fake news, biased reports and outlier anecdotes interpreted as the mainstream.


  1. Less tangible goods, more experiences.  Why services will soar.


  1. Illicit capital outflows now a jail-time crime.  ‘Following the rules’ via technology.


  1. US$50,000 per person per year in legal outflows adds up when the ‘bank of mum and dad and in-laws’ steps in.


  1. Lessons from South East Asia’s crazy rich.  Those who stayed got richer!


  1. Why China wants democracy in the West.


  1. Geopolitics and the Thucydides Trap.  Will money trump missiles?


  1. Supporting Brand Australia in a post-Trumpian world with crazy rich tourists.


  1. Analysis of the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) annual report from a Chinese investment perspective.


  1. Click here for more discussion points and to register for the early bird pricing.


Meanwhile, we are on track to exceed capacity (130 delegates) at my Western Sydney Pain and Gain 20 March Parramatta seminar sponsored by Deloitte.


Since my first non-bank lenders conference in late 2016, even more HNW investors have entered the sector.  Investors have advised of achieving rates of returns above that of both the stock and residential property markets with less risk.


At this seminar, we will be exploring what’s next for non-bank lending, in addition to what’s next for the Western Sydney economy and the impact from Chinese investment and consumption.


If you are suffering from FOMO, you should click now to register.


I hope to see you soon!