Aus-China Film Investment Conference, Sydney, Monday 4 September  1.30pm to 7.30pm.

China’s box office is now almost as large as the US, sparking an avalanche of Chinese investment into the global entertainment industry.

Australia’s film, TV and gaming industry has the expertise but lacks the capital…. which is why local talent has been going to Hollywood.

Yes, Chinese money will influence film content but China’s surging box office is hungry for well-made films…for stories that touch the heart.

And with this hunger comes the opportunity for Australia to project its own soft power via its story-telling talent…and to potentially achieve high investment returns.

Indian films, for example, have had Chinese box office success.  Its latest, ‘Dangal’ or ‘Let’s Wrestle, Dad’ took in US$93m in the first two weeks following its May 2017 release.

Australian and Chinese high-net-worth and venture capital investors should now be exploring opportunities in films and TV that appeal to both the Western and Chinese mass consumer audience.

Revenues from ‘product placement’ and its de-facto advertising for  Australian tourism, education, lifestyle investments and consumer brands can also boost investment returns due to the unique acceptance by Chinese audiences for product placement in films.

This event, the first of its kind in Australia, is designed to bring Australian and Chinese high-net-worth investors and venture capital funds to meet with the Australian film industry to capture opportunities from this growth area.  Click here for details.

The key discussion points are;

  1. The Australian and Chinese governments have a co-production agreement that will benefit the Australian film industry.  Why is now the time to invest?
  2. Aus-China co-produced films must have content that appeals to both Chinese and Western audiences – Where will these stories come from?  Perhaps a Chinese equivalent of Home and Away – about overseas students living in an Australian city and their interaction with the locals: TV documentaries related to unique Australian agricultural & tourism experiences that appeal to the Chinese
  3. Australia’s film production talent is on par with the US but the local industry lacks capital…which partly explains why Australian film have tended to be lower budget ‘arthouse’ productions rather than more expensive ‘blockbusters’, and why Australian talent moves to Hollywood where the capital is.
  4. Australia has the opportunity to project its ‘soft power’ via its Australian-style of storytelling and content
  5. The global audience for entertainment assets has doubled due to the entry of Chinese mass consumers for film and TV.
  6. Product placement opportunities and its de-facto advertising opportunities for Australian industries and regions are substantial, given the unique Chinese acceptance for such placements, & their willingness to buy product.
  7. Given the above points, Australian and Chinese investors should now take a fresh look at investing in Australian films (not arthouse but mass consumer ‘Chinese-angle’ productions).
  8. Investments can also be made in the film industry itself e.g. film production companies, animation studios, film production schools etc.

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