Aus-China Film Investment Conference


Monday 4 September 2017 | Sydney


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Volatility and the Markets Lunch - Seminar

Friday 25 August 2017 | Sydney

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The Chinese Banker and the Australian Fisherman

I chanced upon this parable in 1999 when I formed a media start-up during the dot-com boom. This story (author unknown) was originally about an American and a Mexican but I've changed it to reflect the Chinese-in-Australia investment theme. The Chinese-Australian...

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China’s Food Insights

This touch-point contains insights from a Chinese-Australian expat in China who co-owns 65 food and beverage cafes selling western food. This is an example of where Australia's agri-produce can end up in China. I was privileged to attend a presentation last night by...

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China’s risk to the world: which is not its economy

My latest touch-point this week concerns China’s risk to the world –which is not its economy but its financial markets. In today’s China, it’s the financial tail that wags the economic dog. China’s financial equivalent to Iraq’s WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction) is...

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Chinese Impact on Australian Housing Market

Our latest briefing note discusses the Chinese impact on the Australian housing market. Meanwhile, there are only 3 weeks remaining before our Significant Investor Visa / Chinese in Australia lunch-seminar, 3 May. Our first, second and third generation...

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Chinese Tourists in Australia

We've released a summary of our briefing note 'China Touch-Point' with our compliments. Also, our Significant Investor Visa/ Chinese in Australia lunch 3 May has attracted strong interest with 7 tables already booked. Arowana International is the opening sponsor and a...

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Significant Investor Visa – Chinese in Australia Lunch Seminar | 3 May 2017


Non-Bank Financing and Lending Opportunities in the Australian Property Development Sector | 22nd September 2016 | The Westin Grand Ballroom

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Aus-China Property Developers and Investors Conference | 8th June 2016 | The Westin Grand Ballroom

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