Aus-China Film Investment Conference

Monday 4 September 2017 | Sydney

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Event Summary / 活动概况

China’s box office has grown rapidly to become almost as large as the US, creating enormous opportunities for the global film industry.

This event, the first of its kind in Australia, is designed to bring Chinese and Australian high-net-worth investors and venture capital funds to meet with the Australian film industry to capture opportunities from this growth.

The key discussion points are;

  1. The Australian and Chinese governments have a co-production agreement that will benefit the Australian film industry.  Why is now the time to invest?
  2. Aus-China co-produced films must have content that appeals to both Chinese and Western audiences – Where will these stories come from?  Perhaps a Chinese equivalent of Home and Away – about overseas students living in an Australian city and their interaction with the locals: TV documentaries related to unique Australian agricultural & tourism experiences that appeal to the Chinese
  3. Australia’s film production talent is on par with the US but the local industry lacks capital…which partly explains why Australian film have tended to be lower budget ‘arthouse’ productions rather than more expensive ‘blockbusters’, and why Australian talent moves to Hollywood where the capital is.
  4. Australia has the opportunity to project its ‘soft power’ via its Australian-style of storytelling and content
  5. The global audience for entertainment assets has doubled due to the entry of Chinese mass consumers for film and TV.
  6. Product placement opportunities and its de-facto advertising opportunities for Australian industries and regions are substantial, given the unique Chinese acceptance for such placements, & their willingness to buy product.
  7. Given the above points, Australian and Chinese investors should now take a fresh look at investing in Australian films (not arthouse but mass consumer ‘Chinese-angle’ productions).
  8. Investments can also be made in the film industry itself e.g. film production companies, animation studios, film production schools etc.
  9. For latest news regarding Aus-China film investments, please visit


本次活动是第一次在澳洲展开, 用意是为了吸引中国与澳大利的高净资产投资者们和风险投资基金,使他们与澳大利亚的影视产业结合,在中国电影票房快速增长的基础上创造更多商机。


  1. 澳大利亚与中华人民共和国政府关于合作拍摄电影的协议会为澳大利亚的电影产业带来益处。为什么现在是投资的时机呢?
  2. 中澳合作的电影需要具有可以吸引中国以及澳大利亚观影者的内容 – 这些故事来自于哪里? 也许是中国版的home and away – 关于外国学生在澳大利亚城市的生活以及他们与澳大利亚本土人人的交流:是能够吸引中国人的澳大利亚的独特的农业和旅游业体验的真人秀。
  3. 澳大利亚电影制作的潜力与美国不相上下,但是本土的电影产业缺少资金 … 这样在某种程度上解释了为什么澳大利亚的电影往往是低预算的 ‘arthouse’ 制作而不是成本高的 ‘blockbusters’以及为什么澳大利亚的电影人才会去资金多的好莱坞。
  4. 澳大利亚有机会通过具有澳大利亚风格的叙事手法以及内容来表现它的 ‘soft power’ [‘软实力’].
  5. 因为大量的中国消费者进入电影与电视产业,娱乐产业在全球的观众翻了两倍。
  6. 对于澳大利亚的行业和地区来说,产品植入的机会与相关产品宣传的机会都非常巨大的,参考于中国人对于相关植入的接受以及购买商品的独特意愿。
  7. 介于以上观点,澳大利亚以及中国的投资人应该以新的看法来看待对于澳大利亚电影的投资。(不是 arthouse 而是大众化的“中国角度”的制作)
  8. 投资同样可以在电影行业内进行。g. 电影制作公司,动画工作室,电影制作相关的学校。

Who should attend?

  • High-net-worth Chinese and Australian investors, SIV /VC and private equity funds, film investment funds, film financiers.
  • Australian film industry executives including producers and creative talent, actors, directors, screen writers, film insurance, film technology, applications, drone filming, computer-generated-imagery / special effects, entertainment lawyers and accountants and service providers, Government entities tasked with promoting the film industry.


  • 澳大利亚以及中国的高净资产投资者,SIV(高端投资者签证)/VC(风险投资) 和私募股权投资, 电影投资资金,电影融资人。
  • 澳大利亚影视行业的执行制作人 包括制作人,创意人才,演员,导演,编剧,影视保险,影视科技的技术和应用,无人机拍摄,电脑成像/特技效果,娱乐纠纷律师和会计以及服务供应商,与影视行业宣传相关的政府单位。


    • EARLY-BIRD | $90 + GST  (sales ending 15/08/17, thereafter GENERAL ADMISSION is $130 + GST)

All delegates can purchase an e-copy of BasisPoint’s 30+ page report on the Aus-China Film Investment Market at a discounted price of $200 + GST (retailing for $450 + GST). Official release of the report is on the 4th September 2017.


    • $150 + GST: 得到相关认证的投资者


申请投资者 Access Code

  • EARLY-BIRD | $290 + GST : 电影执行制作人和投资行业的服务供应商 (活动时间截止于:15/08/2017)
  • 通票 | $350 + GST

所有代表可以已折扣价 $200 + GST (retailing for $450 + GST) 购买BasisPoint三十多页关于中澳影视投资市场的研究报告。此研究报告官方发行日期为二零一七年九月四日。

Agenda / 会议议程

2:30 pm: Registration + Coffee

3:00 pm: Sponsor’s Welcome by Neil Wickenden, Partner, Tax Consulting,  HLB Mann Judd

MC – Dr Tony Chu | A paediatric doctor who also writes, directs and produces with a focus on embracing Australian and Chinese elements into his creations.

3:10pm: David Chin | Presenting his findings on the Aus-China film investment opportunity and the introduction of private capital sources and new investment structures.  David is the Managing Director of Basis Point, with 30+ years in the financial and research industry with a focus on Chinese and Asian investment flows.

3:40 pm: Panel 1 | A Venture Capitalist/Film Funds approach to film investment

  • Daniel Joyce, representing TDVC, Australia’s only ESVCLP fund investing in films.  TDVC is backed by a wealthy South Australian family
  • David Redman, Director of Asia Media Capital, a few film fund backed by Chinese interests

4:10 pm: Panel 2 | Opportunities from China’s growing film market for Australia 

  • Lesley Hammond, one of Australia’s most experienced producers in the Chinese market, collaborating extensively for 20+ years with the China Film Co-Production Corp.
  • Katie Tian, a new film producer and Co-Founder of Anji Investment Group, which facilitates investment groups from China to Australia, particularly from China’s film industry.
  • Mark Lazarus, Head of production, Sydney Films

4:40 pm: Showcase film projects

  • Hardeep Girn, Executive Producer and CEO, Know My Life

  • Lesley Hammond, Co-Founder, LJM Productions

  • Mark Lazarus, Head of Production & Bill Zhao, Fund Legal Adviser, Sydney Films
  • Michael Magafas & Dee Dee Shi, Producers, Young Dragon in Paradise

5:20 pm: Closing Comments

5:30 pm: Cocktails and Networking

7:00 pm: Ends

1:30pm: 注册 + 咖啡(下午茶)

2:00pm: 赞助商进行启动仪式

2:10pm: David Chin – 中国影视市场的研究报告

2:40pm: 嘉宾演讲

2:55pm: Panel 1 | 为什么投资者需要已新的立场来看待影视行业?

  • 投资者如何在中国的国际影视娱乐的消费增长中获得利益?
  • 中国近期在国际影视娱乐投资能力上的流行趋势 – 下一个机遇是哪里?
  • 接触影视投资的收获与危机
  • 对于影视产业公司的投资 – 制作公司,计算机成像工作室等。

3:40pm:  休息时间

4:10pm: Panel 2 | 中澳联合制作的机会

  • 了解中国对于的联合制作方面的管理与检查的法规。soft power 可以使用于两种不同的方面。
  • 中国观众想看到什么。创作可以吸引中澳两国观众的故事。
  • 寻找电影和分销的合作伙伴。
  • 中国对于赞助商产品植入独特的接受方式以及产品植入对于电影赞助的价值。

4:55pm: Showcase | 筛选需求筹措资金的的澳大利亚的电影项目(以中国的角度)

5:55pm: 针对于重大投資者簽證项目来建立电影投资的结构。

6:10pm: 赞助商进行闭幕仪式

6:20pm – 7:30pm: 酒会和小吃

Speaker Biography

More panelists and sponsors will be announced shortly

Dr Tony Chu

Dr Tony Chu

Writer, Director & Producer

A medical graduate of Sydney University, Tony is a paediatric doctor who also writes, directs and produces. As a filmmaker, he is an experienced, award-winning Director-Producer, having made over 35 shorts and numerous corporate videos. As a screenwriter, he has written 3 original feature-length screenplays (all medical drama-comedies) that are ready for production.

Being Australian-Chinese, Tony’s writing style embraces the Chinese angle, diversity in casting and Western pop culture to appeal to Chinese and international markets. Also relevant, Tony is the Head of NAFA and former Festival Director Show-Fest
International. His movie INFLAME takes a modern look at ‘MASH’.

David Redman

David Redman

Co-director, Asia Media Capital

David Redman, along with Tony Coombs, are co-directors of Asia Media Capital, a new Melbourne based film investment fund with backing from Chinese capital sources.

The fund aims to invest in a slate of feature film, TV and multi-platform projects with a focus on Aus-China co-productions.

David has been producing films for over 20 years including projects for Sony and Paramount, and a box office hit, Strange Bedfellows, distributed by Universal in the USA


Katie Tian

Katie Tian

Co-founder, Anji Investment Group

Katie Tian is the co-founder of Anji Investment Group which facilitates and accompanies Chinese privately owned investment groups on their visits to Australia and U.S, particularly from China’s film industry.  She has facilitated meetings for Australian film industry executives with their Chinese counterparts including officials in the China Film Bureau and China Film Co-production Corporation.

Early this year she joined Talent Entertainment, a new film and television production company as company Director. Raised and educated in Sydney, Katie spent close to 10 years working in China after graduating university. Her most recent role prior to returning to Sydney in 2014 was with the Australian Embassy in Beijing.

Neil Wickenden

Neil Wickenden

Partner, Tax Consulting, HLB Mann Judd

Neil Wickenden practices in tax compliance and consulting. He was admitted to the HLB Mann Judd partnership in 1982 and has tax related experience in a number of areas, including advising on, implementing and managing:

  • business and investment structures and restructuring for both publicly listed and privately owned organisations
  • business and investment transactions and agreements, such as mergers, acquisitions and divestments
  • transitional arrangements for corporate groups entering into and exiting from tax consolidation
  • international tax compliance for corporate groups and individuals such as tax treaty interpretation, tax residency status, transfer pricing, thin capitalisation and expatriate tax compliance
  • structures including trusts for asset protection, estate planning and inter-generational wealth transfer for high net worth individuals and family groups
David Chin

David Chin

Managing Director, Basis Point

David founded Basis Point 20 years ago to provide insights, connections, and investment platforms for the Aus-China & Aus-Asia institutional, wholesale and high-net-worth investment community. His has become a ‘thought-leader’ in the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) and Chinese investment flows into Australia.

As a second generation Australian with a Malaysian-Chinese heritage, he is keen to facilitate greater engagement between recent Chinese/Asian migrants and expats with the wider Australian community.

His career background is in derivatives, futures and hedge funds, consulting to government and semi-government institutions and exchanges globally and in the Asia-Pacific. He was previously Head of Marketing at Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE), and is the author of Thy Fiefdom Comes, a fantasy/science fiction novel.

Lesley Hammond

Lesley Hammond

Co-Founder, LJM

Lesley has worked extensively in and with China for over 30 years and is one of Australia’s most experienced screen and live theatre producers. Prior to co-forming LJM Productions, she was a founding Executive Producer and member of the Board of Directors of the South Australian Film Corporation which produced some of the most internationally successful early classics of the Australian contemporary cinema.

She has been a member of several high level Australia-China delegations for film and television, performing arts and also trade.  Lesley has worked in collaboration with key Chinese Government agencies including China Film Co-Production Corporation and China Performing Arts Agency for many years.

Daniel Joyce

Daniel Joyce

Daniel Joyce brings a background in film finance and production to TDVC – assisting investment decisions in the Australian feature film market. TDVC is an SIV compliant Venture Capital Fund focused on high quality, early stage investments, and is one of the few VC funds with a special interest in film and film technology.

As a feature film producer Daniel also packages projects for the international market, most recently including a global Netflix acquisition, financed via a mix of investment from the Australian government, private investors and international buyers.


Showcase Sponsors

Know My Life

Know My Life

Know My Life has been filming the art of storytelling since 2015. In this short space of time, it has a strong association with the Hollywood community as well as the Australian Film and Television industries. Know My Life has a vision to “Capture Every Story” and film media is seen as cultural and historical significance for every community. The unique nature of combining business interests into compelling content has led to collaboration with large businesses including Commonwealth Bank and Fairfax Media over the past 12 months.

As an investment strategy, Know My Life produces entertainment, creates awareness, builds reputation and introduces opportunity to it’s clients and the community in areas of everyday life, business and health. On this basis and being driven by outcomes, Know My Life builds relationships that develop further opportunities through targeted film content in each market.

Hardeep Girn

Executive Producer & CEO

Hardeep Girn is the Executive Producer and CEO of Know My Life. Since 2012, Hardeep has developed relationships with the media industry within the Australian, US and now into the China and South American markets. His passion is storytelling and his experience across a number countries has given him the ability to influence business and the community through film.

His background in financial services and technology has allowed the company to set direction  through prudent investment. Now the opportunity is to take the successful model in Australia to other markets. Hardeep is an accredited Executive Producer with the Australian Film Institute (AFI) and Producer member of Screen Producers Australia (SPA

LJM Productions

LJM Productions

LJM Productions was formed 24 years ago by Lesley Hammond and Jenny Walsh. During this time they have produced a mini-series, a feature film and 9 television specials in China which screened in over 100 countries. LJM has collaborated extensively for over 20 years with China Film Co-Production Corporation. It currently has a slate of China-Australia feature films at various stages of development for the international market including China. Lesley and Jenny have developed the stories drawn from their extensive experience in China filming in ten provinces and many cities. The films are aimed at a commercial market and include two comedies, an adventure drama, an eco-thriller and a musical.

The films will take advantage of the Australia-China film treaty enabling them to bypass China’s foreign film quota and be automatically distributed in China, taking advantage too of the Australian Government film production tax offset. The films will all have top level writers and directors and at least one cast member with box office pulling power from both countries.

Lesley Hammond


Lesley has worked extensively in and with China for over 30 years and is one of Australia’s most experienced screen and live theatre producers.    Prior to co-forming LJM Productions, she was a founding Executive Producer and member of the Board of Directors of the South Australian Film Corporation which produced some of the most internationally successful early classics of the Australian contemporary cinema.

She has been a member of several high level Australia-China delegations for film and television, performing arts and also trade.  Lesley has worked in collaboration with key Chinese Government agencies including China Film Co-Production Corporation and China Performing Arts Agency for many years.

Sydney Films

Sydney Films

Sydney Film Production Company Pty Ltd, Trade as Sydney Films, is a subsidiary company of Pacific Holdings Corp, it is one of Australia’s largest Chinese Australian film production company providing solutions, aids and facilitation to the Australian – Chinese film industries. Sydney Films owns a production facility situated in Stanmore NSW, which consist of a Cyclorama Studio, Screening Room, Editing Suites and Production Offices.

In the past 18 months, Sydney Films was responsible for bringing to Australia some major Chinese Film and Television productions as location shoots. In April 2014, Sydney Films had also launched an Australia and China Co-Production film slate in Beijing named “Red Billion”, which consist of 14 movies to land in Australia in the upcoming 3 years.

Sydney Films also owns film adaptation rights towards a multi-award winning story “The Paper Menagerie” (The Hugo Award, The Nebula Award, The World Fantasy Award), which is currently under development. And is also working with the Red Billion partners on developments towards many projects including existing IP: Story of the North-East, and for global audiences: The Legend of Wolf Girl.

Young Dragon in Paradise

Young Dragon in Paradise

“Young Dragon in Paradise” is a comedic drama that tells the story of a Chinese-born teenager living in Australia who battles a bully rival to win his dream girl. The teenager struggles to fend off his Chinese Tiger Mother who is obsessed with him scoring a University scholarship. The last thing the teenager wants is the visit by his traditional Grandfather from China.

Filmed mainly on the Gold Coast, Queensland, “Young Dragon in Paradise” captures the invigorating essence and stunning visuals of Australia’s internationally renowned outdoors.

The story is imbued with a youthful energetic spirit that promotes optimism. It entertains while conveying themes of life that matter to each of us. It’s a story that everyone can connect with.

• Advanced stage of development.
• Beijing-born Australian award-winning Director.
• Australian and Chinese Producers.
• A number of attachments in place.
• ‘Recommended Project’ by International Chinese
Film Festival.
• Eligible for 40% Government Rebate (Producer Offset).

Michael Magafas

Michael Magafas

Writer, Producer

Michael, a writer across many genres and producer for film and television, is recognised for his commitment to aligning artistic aims withcommercial imperatives. He has worked in creative enterprises for over 30 years, managing projects in Australia and South-East Asia. He is an alumnus of Screenwriting U in Los Angeles. His television and film work includes “Precognition’, “Backstage Mojo”, “Model Madness”, and “#1 at the Apocalypse Box Office”.
Michael is Writer and Producer for “Young Dragon in Paradise”.

Dee Dee Shi

Dee Dee Shi

Writer, Producer & Director

An award-winning passionate filmmaker, Member of ACCTA, Dee Dee works in Chinese and English, with screen credits as Writer, Director, and Producer. Awarded Best Director at the 2014 Australian Screen Industry Network Award. Her filmshave featured in many international film festivals. Dee Dee’s film “Touch of Heart” was the only film selected to screen to represent the Huayi Brothers Media Night at the 2013 Shanghai International Film Festival.
Dee Dee is Writer, Producer, and Director for “Young Dragon in Paradise”.

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